Christian – Bipolar 1 Psychosis

Hope While Depressed

Hope While Depressed

Jesus brings silence when you need it most.

All the books have a definition but most of the writers haven’t lived their pages. The brain misfires. Thoughts become delusional. Voices are heard and for some visual hallucinations seems very, very real. You don’t need a pedigree when your amidst the throws of a psychotic break to realize your thoughts are not the same as everyone else’s.  

The voices haven’t been very kind for the most part and say the most unsettling things. It’s almost demonic, but we know its the disease talking in our beloveds mind. You can know matter of fact when you or your friend is experiencing this unpleasantry. I will attest from my own experience. When I hear voices not coming from myself others in my environment common to other real people, or when I ask my wife, “did you hear…” then I know something is misfiring in my brain. It’s time to get busy with three primary things.

Always remember, God is on your side. Father God is always on His children’s side. I have some suggestions for preparing and winning the battle against the whispering screamers in your head in Christian with Bipolar Disorder.

Things that have helped a lot of Christians are prayer distractions, engaging in mental conversation with the Lord. Also applicable here is singing hymns and songs to make melody to the Lord, disengages the mind from the delusional thoughts that one can get when overcome by dark depression. Taking every thought captive we seek to rationally serve God, harnessing our emotions and actively confronting the psychotic breaks that beset us in a big swing moment of manic depressive illness. We confide in the High Priest of souls who was tempted us in every point as we are but did not sin. We go before God’s gracious throne, walking by faith not by delusional sight. The key is to disctract yourself with spiritual thinking so as to crowd out the delusional.

I never discourage anyone to refuse medical advice. Taking your medicine is a must. I believe God used medicine to change my life. That’s a fact. The inside of a psychiatric hospital hasn’t been visited for several years now. Let me share some of the secrets I’ve learned to cope and live a strong life with bipolar disease as a Christian in my book. It’s an instant download on Kindle!

I’d like to invite you to look inside my other two books as well. Here is the Amazon link to them all.

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